Legend has it that one day a group of anonymous Retro Games were the June 13, 2013 to honor the game Street Fighter II [ and incidentally all retro games ] . This being the first time he started playing on 12 /06 at 23:00 . Any platform served . Nobody knows who was the proposal , nobody knows why, only that the proposal was heard around the collective Retro Gamer and so signed and decided . You only had to play this great game and make the most of it spread through social networks. A hashtag # SF2day was created to internationalize the movement as much as possible . From that time the success of the anonymous call depended solely Retro Gamers of the World.

Do not ask us because we have to, because there would ask ourselves to.

This blog post will be deleted on 14 /06 so you need not let comments. Erase all traces of the beginning of this legend and let grow the epic. Why ? Because we deserve it. Tod @ s we deserve !

We encourage all stakeholders to hang this same article on his blog and websites and have it removed on 14/06.

5 comentaris:

  1. It would be nice to make a compilation of SF2 playing in many platforms: Super Famicom, Genesis, FM Towns, ZX Spectrum and many others

  2. My taylor is rich...diiigo, great Xuxo, Street Figter 2 day is coming!!!!!

  3. For a moment in nowhere a cool maner that has any moment when you said that trouble. There are some little few consequences in fighter of the street that can be relevant to nobody forever in mind. Ah??? This is a secret that i carry with me to my grave.

    One saludation, my very much big friend the xuxo.

  4. Pues eso, larga vida al Street Fighter!
    Confiemos en que la situación actual de Capcom, un tanto precaria, no nos impida ver en el futuro nuevas y jugosas entregas.
    Aunque, hasta donde yo sé, el quinto episodio ya se encuentra en desarrollo.

  5. Pero que es esto???? Ahora haces las entradas del blog en ingles? Joder, que profesional estas hecho jejeje.
    Pues nada, feliz Street Fighter 2 Day amigo!


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